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  • PAYG payment summaries from employers (past & present)
  • Centrelink, Comsuper, Annuities etc
  •  Statement of Termination Payments (ETPs)
  • Details of bank interest earned, dividends received, payment from unit
  • trusts and partnerships
  • Spouse income (if applicable)
  • Full details of any deductions you wish to claim (see below)
  • Any other income details – rents, business, sale of assets such as shares etc.


  • Use of car – log or diary notes and kilometres traveled
  • Protective clothing purchases including protective footwear
  • Dry cleaning (including uniforms)
  • Union fees, registrations, subscriptions, donations
  • Computer expenses, books, stationery, materials
  • Seminar expenses, self-education expenses

To help verify your deductions, please keep the above records and/or receipts during the tax year and bring them along to your tax consultation.

More information for Individuals:  Checklist for Individuals 2020 Tax Year pdf

More information for Companies:  Company Checklist 2020 Tax Year.pdf

More information for Partnerships:  Partnership Checklist 2020 Tax Year.pdf

More information for Trusts:  Trust Checklist 2020 Tax Year.pdf

For employers:
The following tax tables have not been updated and will continue to apply from 1 July 2020.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to Contact Us and discuss your needs with one of our staff. Our staff will be only too happy to help you.

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